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me Hello, my name is Christian, I hold a degree in computer science and I am 30 years old. I'm currently working as an IT consultant for a cool company called Method Park Software AG. In recent years I ported the GNU compiler collection (gcc) for the Renesas m16c microcontroller (which hardly anyone seems to use :) ) and invented the core technologies for the chronSim and chronEst simulation tools from INCHRON.
Just like every geek, I have strange hobbies like watching cartoons or collecting CPUs. My favourite food (what a surprise) is fast food, pizza and Coke, like all my fellow geeks at University. However, I do a lot of sports and have friends.

I do even have an e-mail address, so if you want to leave a nice message for me:
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cpu-museum.de is a completely private non-profit website made for the benefit of the net community. However, maintaining this site consumes lots of time and money and searching and getting new chips does even more. If you fell like you want to help and contribute to this museum, I will greatly appreciate your offers and list any donor. In any case I will at least try to reimbuse your expenses for shipping. If you don't have anything to give away, but you think this page is worth supporting, you can donate via paypal by clicking the button below, I am really thankful for any amount, no matter how small:


I would like to say thanks to all those helping me building these pages. Special thanks to: and many others ...

Awards & articles

8bit-museum.de history award In August 2002 cpu-museum.de received the "History Award" from "The Dot Eaters & The Number Crunchers". This award honors websites about videogames and homecomputer history that provide high quality content and great design.
the inquirer logo In April 2002 Mike Magee from The Inquirer published an article about my museum. Click on the link to read it:
dr.dobb's logo cpu-museum.de appeared in the june 2005 editorial of Dr.Dobb's journal

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